Reaction from a Reader

I was thrilled to receive this e-mail message with the subject line: Life Changing.

Hi Mrs. Blincoe, 

It’s me Reginal (Patrick’s friend).

Well, I had to just put your book down and write to you to let you know how awe-inspiring “Message In A Word” has been to me. Now, I’m taking my time to re-read it to get “revelation” from the messages.

It is very evident to me that you poured your heart and soul into this epistle of excellence. I’ve gone from laughing to crying to worship to reading again. There are not many (if any) people who truly get my personality type. But God accepts me just how he made me.

Reading your book has definitely inspired me to become even more diligent in spending quality time with HIM and less time thinking or being frustrated on stuff that really is out of my control anyway.

I’m glad God has an issue with you. I’m glad you patiently walked out each step of the evolution of this masterpiece. I look forward to purchasing copies for a few friends I know will be blessed by reading and applying the revelation of each inspirational message.

I give you permission to use my testimonial as you deem appropriate. God bless you for being a willing vessel to birth this ‘baby’ -“Message in a Word.”

Reginal Harris (Live Well! Love Life!)

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