The Dream: She Forgot She Was Pregnant

From my journal in 2008:

Awakened yet again after witnessing the same recurring dream
She wondered, how long it had been since the last one
When would this stop, did she want it to end, countless times it had come
Each time bringing new addendums, something new to ponder
At all times it seemed somehow to tug at her heart; but she was to afraid to yield
Return again it would, she never named the baby; she was apt to forget the call

Days, months, and years, went by, once young, now growing gracefully older
She realized the finality that the years ahead were far less than
The years she’d left behind, as grandeur in youth they were, were gone
Yet in reality, what is age to God, so she asked Him for a heart of wisdom
To know, I know, she needs to be brave; she needs to acknowledge the call
For the dream came again… for she had not acknowledged the call

She looked in the mirror, to see a reflection of someone she didn’t quite know
She sees there the markings, indelibly etched on her face,
Her glory; once black, now silver has taken its place
Steps once swift; now more deliberate and sure
Her eyes well, they tear, when there is really no cause for crying
She had awakened from yet another dream…she forgot she was pregnant

What was that, she forgot the baby, oh no, would she dream again
Was it over, had she let the doubts and misgivings win
Had she let the years slip by, would she ever dream again
Yes, thank you Lord, she had the dream again; astonished and elated; at her age
She would be given the privilege to conceive again
Last time we heard, her water had broken, she was off to delivery

No holding back now, she acknowledged the call…she gave the baby a name

© 2008

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